In an article for Digitalist Magazine, VP of Global Marketing at SAP, Helen Dwight, unpacks the notion of how total workforce solutions can be used to engage multifaceted teams to take businesses forward into the future.

As a well-versed professional with over 20 years of international marketing and sales experience in the high-tech industry, Helen is used to dealing with teams that comprise management, employees, contractors, freelancers, interns, retirees, and even alumni. 

She understands that Millenials and members of Gen Z are looking for more than a job. They expect friction-free technology, supportive management, and freedom to do their thing, even if it means leaving and returning once they’ve gained more experience. 

This is why she encourages forward-thinking enterprises to equip themselves to lead the workforce of the future.

How To Leverage Total Workforce Solutions To Boost Your Bottom Line

1. Use AI To Seek Out New Talent

Recruitment platforms that use analytics and AI to assess skills available in a given talent pool can make it far simpler to identify suitable candidates for job openings. CVs can be pattern matched, and companies can use this data to identify top candidates quicker and more accurately.

2. Retain Talent By Matching Skills To Assignments

Employee churn is expensive. To keep your best people around, you need to create a work environment that allows them to use their skills in a way that benefits the company as a whole and gives them room for growth at the same time.

Programs that match employee and management skills with different assignments on a rotational basis allows employees to challenge themselves and gain more knowledge.

Alumni As Total Workforce

3. Track Employee Sentiment

Analytics can also be helpful when it comes to keeping track of employee engagement by looking at metrics such as employee sentiment, following changes in operational structure, etc. For a business to flourish, employees should be in alignment with HR policy and strategy.

Employee engagement platforms that feature survey functionality can determine emerging pain points ahead of time.

4. Stopper Knowledge Gaps 

Ongoing learning and development opportunities allow employees to grow. In fact, it is a major incentive for star players to stick around. Career- and succession planning programs can be used to identify knowledge gaps or compliance requirements that can be addressed with further training. It can also pinpoint suitable employees.

5. Extend Relationships Beyond The Exit Interview

Corporate alumni programs can be helpful in several ways. By staying in touch with ex-employees when they move on to new companies, businesses can pave the way for fruitful business relationships, future boomerang hires, insightful recruitment recommendations, and more.


Total workforce solutions pave the way for an exciting new chapter in employment history. By leveraging the power of innovative tech products and platforms, employers can create a work environment in which every employee can live up to their full potential and contribute to the wellbeing of the company at every stage of their employee journey – even once they’ve left.