Great swag ideas are always on the minds of clever corporate alumni event organizers. After all, everyone likes a nice freebie, and if you can get some extra airtime out of it when your alumni members show it off online and in-person, all the better. 

However, now that the ongoing pandemic, dispersed workforces, and life, in general, has led to more events taking place online, this means swag has to go digital too. 

Which begs the question, what type of swag works when your events are taking place online instead of in person? Here are seven digital swag ideas to get your creative juices flowing as you embrace virtual events as one of the important workplace trends for 2021.

Virtual Swag Ideas That Corporate Alumni Will Love

While physical swag drops are still an option even if you are hosting your next alumni event online, going the digital route can save you a lot of courier costs and hassles. This is especially true if our alumni members are quite far-flung or even spread across the globe. Here are a few fun virtual swag ideas to try on for size:

1. Free Product Trials

If your company offers digital products or services, allow your alumni to try it on for size with a subscription or trial that doesn’t cost them. This way, they can benefit from using it, and you can get constructive feedback from individuals who understand your company and what you offer. 

2. Online Courses

Everyone loves an upskilling opportunity. Consider offering your alumni the option of taking some cool classes on a platform like Masterclass. This way, they can choose something that really appeals to them and might not necessarily have anything to do with your industry per se.

3. Digital Media Streaming Services

Gift cards for platforms like Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon Prime are a great option in these times when a lot of us are spending more time at home.

4. Online Shopping Gift Cards

There is not a single person out there who would balk at a nice e-commerce retail gift card. If you want to keep things general, opt for vouchers from an all-in-one retailer like Amazon. 

As an alternative, you can go the extra mile and individualize your vouchers to appeal to each person’s unique interests – organic food vouchers for the greenies, tech vouchers for the early adopters, etc.

5. Virtual Consultations

Another interesting idea in line with current work trends is to offer your alumni the option of virtual consultations with various professionals. This could be anything from free sessions with psychologists, career advisors, or life coaches, to consultations with fitness coaches, dietitians, or brand builders. 


Adapting your swag ideas to suit virtual events will ensure that it speaks to your alumni. Consider free product trials, online courses, or digital media streaming services. Or how about online shopping gift cards or virtual consultations? 

As always, if you need advice on what your alumni want, go straight to the source and ask them! Pulse surveys are your friend, and everyone loves to weigh in on swag. 

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