It is time to rethink recruitment. This is the message that HR oracle Josh Bersin shared in a recent blog article published on his website

According to the celebrated industry analyst and respected author, the future of work demands a focus on creating talent instead of simply acquiring it. Hiring your way to growth may have been possible in the past, but this may no longer be the case for very long.

Why Is There A Shortage Of Talent?

Well, the short of it is that the working population is declining. Baby Boomers are heading into their golden years of retirement quite quickly and in large numbers. 

At the same time, younger generations aren’t quite as keen to procreate at the rate their parents did. Populations are declining, and along with it, skills gaps are emerging. Also, not every US citizen is actively involved in the job market. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to addressing this shortage of talent. Here are a few insider guidelines from Mr. Bersin himself.

Five Ways To Rethink Recruitment By Creating Talent As You Go

1. Invest in Employee Development Instead of Hunting Degrees

By now, most innovative companies realize that a degree is not always a strong indicator of work ethic, internal motivation, or eventual success. Instead, it makes a lot of sense to consider candidates that may not have a slew of tertiary qualifications. 

By providing new hires with the potential to upskill and grow into your company, you lay the groundwork for so many good things. This includes epic employee experience and an amazing employer brand.

2. Embrace Internal Mobility

The top talent you seek may already be inside your company – they may only be stuck in the wrong place. This is why it’s so crucial for businesses to embrace internal mobility. While there are many kinks to smooth out when it comes to ‘shopping inside the company, it can be a great tool for diversification.

By creating exciting career pathways within your companies, you are also likely to retain ambitious employees who are keen to learn and grow.

3. Go All-in On Employee Engagement and Retention

Once you have the talent, you should get very serious about retaining it. This all boils down to creating a space in which employees feel supported and empowered to bring their A-game while contributing to the wellbeing and growth of the business as a whole.

4. Train Up Your Own Candidates

If your business can’t find the type of candidates who are qualified in the way you need them to be, it might be time to establish a school or education facility of your own.

5. Leverage Contingent Workers

Every employee does not have to be on your books full time. Open up the scope for freelancers, project workers, alumni, returning retirees, and other ‘wild cards.’


Businesses that rethink recruitment to create talent instead of simply acquiring it will lead the way in the future. Start by investing in employee development instead of hunting degrees. Embrace internal mobility and go all-in on employee engagement and retention. Finally, train up your own candidates and leverage contingent workers. 

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