PeoplePath Alumni is the new name and brand from the merger of Corporate Alumni Vendors Conenza & Intraworlds. PeoplePath is focused on Talent Management & Acquisition:

“We’re dedicated to building connection and trust between organizations and people throughout their career journey…their PeoplePath.”

Tony Audino, Co-Founder, PeoplePath ALUMNI.

The new PeoplePath Alumni Platform focuses on four core stakeholders:

  • Interns & Students
  • Active Sourcing Candidates
  • Second-best candidates
  • Visitors of your careers page

Count on the PeoplePath CRM platform to simplify how you foster ongoing relationships with past, current and potential candidates.

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Connect your ATS with PeoplePath CRM to create a seamless talent journey. Open positions are automatically synced from your ATS to the PeoplePath CRM job board. Use our matching algorithm to recommend open positions to candidates, and candidates to recruiters. Enable candidates to seamlessly apply in your ATS beginning with their PeoplePath CRM profile data. Keep your CRM updated on the candidate’s application status. Also, invite silver medalist candidates in your ATS to the PeoplePath talent community to keep them engaged and informed about suitable new positions.

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Press Release:


A year ago, IntraWorlds and Conenza joined forces to enable companies to take talent management to the next level: by systematically engaging talent across the entire career lifecycle. To reflect that mission, the combined company today announced PeoplePath as its new name.

Staying connected with candidates, employees, and alumni has many benefits. Candidates today may be clients tomorrow, and former employees are often companies’ most vocal brand advocates and best sources of talent. Add the fact that remote work is predicted to continue to rise around the world, and the need for an online talent engagement platform is overwhelmingly clear.

“We believe that lifelong relationships are the foundation for mutual success, and we needed a name that reflected our purpose,” said Tony Audino, Co-Founder, PeoplePath. “We’re dedicated to building connection and trust between organizations and people throughout their career journey…their PeoplePath.”

“PeoplePath supports SAP in transitioning our employees to our alumni program and keeping them a part of the SAP family,” said Margret Klein-Magar, Head of SAP Alumni Relations, SAP SE.

PeoplePath offers clients one platform to engage talent for life with the following benefits:

  • Platform versatility: From candidate relationship management to alumni engagement, PeoplePath solutions save time and money while providing flexibility and security.
  • Continuous innovation: Agile product development driven by client needs and technology advancements.
  • Strategic partner: Insights compiled based on deep domain experience and proprietary research with leading institutions shared with clients on an ongoing basis.

“We’re helping our clients take talent engagement to the next level,” said Benjamin Elixmann, Co-Founder, PeoplePath. “It’s one year into our combination, and we are well on our way toward integrating our platforms and enhancing the features our clients need most. We look forward to continuing to build the features and functionality that will enable our clients to meet their goals.”

About PeoplePath

PeoplePath helps organizations engage talent throughout the entire career lifecycle. Clients use PeoplePath’s cutting-edge software platforms for candidate relationship management and alumni engagement to lower recruiting costs, build brand ambassadors, and generate new business. With locations in Europe and the United States, PeoplePath enables companies across the globe to maintain lifelong relationships with candidates, employees, and alumni.