Jono Bacon recently appeared as a panelist on an episode of the Corporate Alumni Leaders Series, hosted by James Sinclair of EnterpriseAlumni. They discussed leveraging your alumni community to drive value and opportunity, and what Community 2.0 means.

Jono is known as the founder of Jono Bacon Consulting, as well as the author of People Powered: How communities can supercharge your business, brand, and teams and The Art of Community. Both these books have emerged as critical reading for business owners who want to understand building communities.

It contains equally essential material for anyone who is going through any form of digitization or transformation and who hopes to create fertile scope for collaboration.

The Gist of People Powered & Why You Need it In Your Business Reading Lineup In 2021 and Beyond

It Provides a Blueprint For Growing Your Organization’s Reputation and Loyalty

People Powered provides a complete framework to build productive, engaging communities that foster powerful, lasting relationships between businesses and their communities. Companies like Salesforce, Fitbit, and Sephora have brought together more than 1 million customers to provide support and run events.

It Unpacks the Value Proposition of Communities

In order to foster growth and be effective, a community needs a powerful value proposition. People Powered looks at core community models and how to identify benefits for your organization. It also guides the process of creating your mission and values and breaks down key success patterns of platforms that have stood the test of time.

It Elucidates Strategic Methods

It’s all good and well to discuss the benefits of community, but it’s all for naught if you aren’t able to apply the theory in real life. In the book, Jono Bacon shares pragmatic, industry-tested approaches for building strategy, incentivizing participants, and retaining the members of a burgeoning community.

This includes important information on defining target audiences. Creating community goals and metrics, as well as building friction-free community on-ramps. He also looks at developing efficient content, leveraging social media, and organizing sought-after events.

It Offers Actionable Insights Into Organizational Integration

Successful communities integrate seamlessly with the rest of the organization that fosters them. In order to be able to execute and measure like a pro, you need to start from a space of clear organizational capabilities that lay the groundwork for ongoing growth.

The author discusses the process of getting alignment and buy-in at the hand of effective tactics and community engagement. He also gives practical advice on tracking success with maturity models, how to resource, hire, and report clearly, and identifying key pitfalls and risks ahead of time.


As you can tell, People Powered is a book that shares vital information about community-building in a compulsively consumable format. Written by a passionate expert on the art of getting people who care about your company, service, or product to come together in meaningful, connected work, it is a veritable tome of actionable insights that boost community engagement from the inside out.