The benefits of leveraging employees and alumni to get the most from your networks are numerous. According to a recent HR white paper published by Oracle, there are ways in which you can supercharge these platforms even more. Here are a few key takeaways from the paper:

Tips For Leveraging Employees and Alumni To Benefit Even More From Your Networks

1. Know Your Advocates and Their Influence

To access a truly useful talent pool through your employee and alumni networks, you need to get to grips with your most vocal advocates. While having a big external network is obviously great, having a fruitful one is more important. As such, it is vital to look beyond the scope to focus on actual influence. 

Take note of referral sources that have yielded great hires. Also, keep an eye out for key connectors who have strong voices in their respective fields. These are the gems you should be polishing when you aim to take the lead with recruitment marketing

2. Focus On Employee Experience

The better your employee experience at your company, the more widespread your networks of employees and alumni are likely to be. The fact of the matter is that when people have a bad experience at a given company, they aren’t really all that excited to stay in touch. As such, it helps to take a step back to see if there are any issues in this regard before you drive your networking agenda.

3. Add Value When You Engage

Value Of Engaged Workforce

Take heed of how you manage your social media platforms. Ask yourself – are you sharing valuable knowledge, or are you merely broadcasting? If you don’t feel like you’re adding value every time you share a post, it is time to go back to the drawing board. Your platforms should be spaces where people can engage and exchange knowledge in useful ways.

4. Drive Diversity and Champion Inclusion

Having access to a diverse network is a fantastic way to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce, which is what you want if you’re to benefit from the input and talents of people with varying viewpoints, lifestyles, and backgrounds. As such, it helps to rope in everyone who has a touchpoint with your company from an employee perspective when you build your network.

This way, when you need to fill a position, you can leverage the reach and insights of everyone from freelancers and alumni to previous candidates who only made it partway along the recruitment funnel and may be reconsidered for a new opportunity.

5. Embrace Contingent Workers and Understand Their Needs

Freelancers and ‘occasional’ workers are a very important subset of employees who should not be neglected. For one thing, they connect with an incredible amount of people due to the nature of their employment situation – fantastic if they like you, not so great if they don’t. For another, they have very particular needs, that is, needing to be paid promptly and onboarded efficiently.


Leveraging employees and alumni networks and platforms is a great way to gain a competitive edge. Start by getting to know your advocates and understanding their spheres of influence. Focus on employee experience, and add value when you engage with your networks. Drive diversity and champion inclusion; embrace contingent workers and understand their needs.