Which HR thought leaders do you follow? The Alumni Advantage team believes in keeping up with the insights of all the big movers and shakers in the HR space to stay informed and inspired. Here are five of the most refreshing and motivating practitioners and innovators who have earned spots of honor on our day-to-day reading roll.

Five HR Thought Leaders Who Will Inspire You To Level Up 

1. Janine Nicole Dennis

Janine Nicole Dennis is the Chief Innovation Officer at Talent Think Innovations. She believes in leading consciously, focusing on mental health in the workplace, promoting neurodiversity, and a return to the basics of workforce planning. 

By advocating for the encouragement and development of future leaders from grassroots up, she seeks to create a vibrant, invigorating space where people of all abilities, personalities, behaviors, and sociabilities can contribute to teams that work smarter rather than harder.

​2. Abeer Dubey

Abeer Dubey is the Director of People Analytics at Google and is known as a disrupter on the diversity and inclusion front. He believes that collaboration is the key to success in the modern-day working environment and spearheads the effort to pave the way for fruitful teamwork among the ranks. 

Dubey and his team are the forward-thinking brains behind Project Aristotle, which rolled out a massive project in 2012 to see what put their highest-performing tech and sales teams apart from the rest. This is how they determined that ‘psychological safety’ (i.e., feeling safe to take risks and be vulnerable with your team) is vital for successful teamwork.

3. Josh Bersin

HR Line Up

No HR thought leader line-up would be complete without Josh Bersin in the mix. We’ve shared some of his insights on best practices for high-impact HR before and will more than likely tap into his rich vein of human resources acumen again in the future. 

Bersin is the principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte and is known as one of the foremost industry analysts, educators, and researchers in the field around the globe. He has a keen understanding of how changes in the general zeitgeist spill over into the sentiments and needs of the workforce and has a knack for making it applicable to everyday situations.

4. Jill Christensen

Jill Christensen is one of the highest-rated female speakers in the world today. As an employee engagement expert and author, she has a keen understanding of how organizations operate and how they can differentiate themselves to attract, retain, and engage both on-site and remote employees.

If you want to increase productivity, retention, customer satisfaction, and profitable revenue growth at your place of business, keep your ear on the ground to find out what she has to say. 

5. Dave Ulrich

Dave Ulrich is an absolute stalwart in the HR industry. As a professor, author (of 30+ books!), and management consultant, he has been behind big ideas that shaped the changing face of HR over the last three decades. There is not a single human resources professional who would not benefit from keeping apprised of his latest musings.


These are some of the HR thought leaders that inspire us these days. Keep an eye on their platforms – you’ll be amazed at everything you’ll learn.