If you are wondering how to come up with article ideas to engage your corporate alumni community, we applaud your commitment! The very fact that you want to put out quality content that speaks to the needs of your community is a tremendous boon for everyone involved. It also means that your engagement levels are far more likely to be amazing.

Five Insider Tips On How To Come Up With Article Ideas To Engage Your Alumni

1. Move Beyond the Promotional Angle

Writing for a corporate alumni community can be challenging since you are targeting a very unique audience. Even though you want to keep the business top of mind, you also need to remember that your alumni don’t want to get spammed. This means that articles on new product launches etc. may gain a certain amount of traction but won’t always get WOW engagement.

Always remember to ask yourself – WIIFM? If you were an alumnus of your company, ‘what’s in it for me?’. What could you gain from reading a particular article? Use this as your jumping-off point and take it from there.

2. Watch To See What Your Competitors Are Doing

Plagiarism is a real thing, which means that copying another company’s work is never a good idea. However, you are 100% allowed to take inspiration from what your competitors are doing and use it to fuel your own ideas.

For instance, you may see that another alumni community puts out articles on the achievements of their network. If you apply this idea to your own content creation framework, the pieces you’ll come up with will be totally original since you are writing about different people and their achievements.

3. Turn FAQs Into Article Themes

Are there specific questions that often crop up on your alumni community platforms? If so, you can turn the answers you give to these questions into articles by fleshing out the go-to response and adding a little meat.

E.g., Your alumni may often ask each other for input on online courses that pertain to your industry. You can use the answers they gave to create a listicle-type article that links out to course providers. Your business may not benefit from content like this directly, but it does position you as an authority in the field. Additionally, your community benefits from it, which should always be the goal.

4. Pay Attention To Content Engagement Metrics

When you start to put out content, it’s going to be hit and miss. The trick lies in being consistent and taking heed of the engagement metrics on your content. Which posts are being opened and read? How long do people spend engaging with the subject matter? Doing this will tell you which types of themes and content resonates with your alumni specifically.

5. Lean Into Authenticity

Always be as authentic as possible when it comes to content creation. Your company’s vision, mission, and values should be evident in every article you put out.


The process of brainstorming article ideas to engage your corporate alumni does not need to be a headache. Start by moving beyond the promotional angle and watching to see what your competitors are doing. Turn FAQs into article themes, watch your metrics and lean into authenticity.

Finally, keep in mind that you don’t always have to create content, you can curate it too. This provides a good blend of engaging material for your community.

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