How do high performing organizations recruit? According to a recent white paper published by workforce management and HCM cloud solutions provider Kronos, the strategies used to attract, recruit and retain top talent has to evolve along with the world of work. 

They have found that businesses with stellar performance records have a uniquely effective approach to talent practices and acquisition that bolster their organizational health and long-term sustainability from the inside out. 

Because forward-thinking enterprises understand the strong correlation between talent contribution and business value, their investment in human resource acquisition and talent management tends to outshine that of their competitors by a mile. Here are five ways to follow in the footsteps of the hiring teams behind these corporate powerhouses:

Five Ways To Follow In The Footsteps Of High Performing Organizations’ Hiring Teams

1. Develop Internal Pipelines For Talent

Emphasize the development of strong internal pipelines for talent just as much as external pipelines. The power of community can help your business in so many ways. Instead of simply looking ‘out there’ when trying to fill a critical role, leverage internal resources like referrals and input from an alumni community to reach candidates that tick all of your must-have boxes.

2. Offer Enticing Reward Packages and Benefits

Aim to offer comprehensive total reward packages, developmental opportunities, and flexible work arrangements. Sought-after corporate hotshots take a top view when it comes to selecting the companies where they choose to work. While remuneration will always remain a critical component driving this choice, a well-rounded employee experience is also key.

3. Focus On The Integration Of Tech Solutions

Tech For Hiring

Focus on the robust integration of technology solutions that manage workforce complexity. AI and ML technologies are constantly developing and are proving invaluable in the HR space. Consider investing in SaaS-based solutions that address common friction points along the recruitment and onboarding pipeline.

4. Develop Your Employer Brand

Market your employer brand by increasing investments in the talent acquisition process. Your business has a reputation among jobseekers whether you want to acknowledge it or not. It all starts with knowing what it is and addressing any negative aspects head-on by addressing your corporate culture, as well as your eNPS score.

5. Customize Recruitment Processes For Different Talent Segments

Customize processes for talent segments to effectively and frequently reach different types of candidates. It’s important to view the recruitment process as a marketing drive, which means there has to be a strong understanding of the type of content you need to create to reach your ideal ‘audience.’ Develop candidate personas and use them as a guideline throughout.


High-performing organizations understand that they can only stay the course if they manage to secure the best talent. As such, these enterprises focus on developing internal as well as external pipelines for recruitment. They also offer enticing reward packages and benefits and focus on the integration of tech solutions to manage workforce complexity.

Developing their employer brand and customizing recruitment processes for different talent segments are other strategies that these businesses employ that put them out in front of the competition. Read more here