In an article published on the SHRM blog, Jessica Miller-Merrell shares tips for recruitment marketers. As the CEO and founder of Workology, the author is a globally recognized HR and talent acquisition consultant who has her finger squarely on the pulse of the modern human resources space.

According to Miller-Merrell, a firm focus on recruitment marketing is a fool-proof way to bolster a business’ hiring efforts, grow a corporate alumni network, or position them to welcome back boomerangs, among other things. Here are Jessica’s five top tips to get your business noticed by top talent, including ex-employees.

Five Ways to Level Up Your Recruitment Marketing Game In 2021

1. Create Content To Attract Traffic To Your Career Site

Make sure your company’s career site is the beating heart of your employer brand by creating content that drives qualified candidates your way. To do so, you need to focus on creating engaging content that does more than just sell your business as an employer. Useful, high-quality content centers on the needs of the reader, e.g. by helping them to solve an issue like finding a career they really love.

2. Get To Grips With SEO

In order to rank organically in the all-important SERPs (search engine results pages), you need to understand and implement SEO (search engine optimization) principles. This starts with how your content is written, which keywords are used, and where it is positioned. Ideally, you want to position your recruiters as thought leaders in your industry, so job seekers naturally gravitate towards their pieces.

3. Tailor Candidate Resources To Bolster Your Hiring Funnel

Make sure to nurture your candidates in the mid to lower hiring funnel by providing them with some really nice digital resources. Again, it’s key to think beyond what your business needs (top candidates) and focus on what they want (ways to get noticed by top employers). This way, you foster a referral source that drives top candidates your way in an organic fashion by bolstering your talent pipeline.

4. Don’t Underestimate The Power of Email

Leverage the power of email marketing campaigns by keeping your leads nice and hot. When a candidate proceeds far enough along the hiring pipeline to receive a ‘thanks but no thanks’ letter, you should be keeping them updated on emerging positions down the line instead of losing their CV. By tailoring newsletters with relevant content for this grouping, you can enjoy great levels of engagement.

5. Supercharge Your Content With Candidate Personas

Whether you are planning to use segmented email campaigns, targeted PPC or CPC campaigns, or social media targeting, the best thing to do is to create candidate personas. These are a great help when it comes to creating content that speaks to the pain points of each individual sub-section of the people with whom you want to engage.


Recruitment marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract and retain top talent in 2021. Jessica Miller-Merrell recommends creating content to attract traffic to your career site and getting to grips with SEO. She also advises HR professionals to tailor candidate assets to bolster their hiring funnels, embrace email campaigns and create candidate personas to streamline communication. Read the full article here