In a recent article published on, the in-house team of the British multinational enterprise software company took a look at the importance of getting offboarding right at a time when 40% of employees say they would consider boomeranging back to a company where they had previously worked.

By now, we know that the employee experience should account for alumni too, and this extends to the experience a person has with your business when they decide to move on. After all, ex-employees go on to become current employees somewhere else, and they either become great brand advocates, or they really don’t.

Additionally, you may want to welcome them back into the fold at some point in the future. This is where a positive offboarding experience comes in. Here are a few key takeaways in this regard from the article.

How To Hit The High Notes When Offboarding Employees

1. Source Their Replacement ASAP

By getting the ball rolling on hiring a replacement for a departing employee, you can set the stage for them to feel involved in the future of the company even as they get ready to leave. Have them play a role in the hiring process to ensure that the next person is suited to the role, and make it easier for them to leave their post manned effectively before they set out for greener pastures. 

2. Don’t Leave The Exit Interview Until The Last Day

Exit interviews are invaluable opportunities to get the disembarking employee’s point of view regarding their experience at your place of business. However, when it is left until the person in question is already halfway out the door, you are unlikely to get balanced feedback. As such, it should be scheduled earlier during their notice period.

Exit Interview

3. Provide A Survey Platform For In-Depth Feedback

Face-to-face interviews can be very awkward at times, but even though exiting employees may not feel comfortable to speak their minds in person, they might still have a lot of valuable information to impart. This is why it’s a good idea to provide them with a survey platform that allows them to share insights based on their experience without having to do so during an interview.

4. Check-In With Their Manager

The person who managed the exiting employee should be interviewed as thoroughly as the person themselves. This gives a more holistic picture regarding their departure, which can be valuable in terms of future hires, how they are inducted into the team, and managed overall. It also provides an opportunity to check-in that the handover process is running smoothly.

5. Send Them Off With Your Best Regards

Don’t forget to send off your ex-employee with your best wishes and kindest regards. The value of a simple ‘thank you’ should never be underestimated. Show and tell them that their contribution to the company was valued and that you look forward to hearing about their career developments to come.


Proper offboarding procedure is imperative if you want to lay the groundwork for future boomerang hires. This includes sourcing their replacement ASAP, not leaving the exit interview until the last day, and providing a survey platform for more in-depth feedback. Checking in with their manager and sending them off with a heartfelt thank you are further key aspects of a fruitful offboarding approach. 

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