The future of work was top of mind at the recent virtual event hosted by LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Aptly entitled ‘Forward,’ the event showcased the insights and know-how of 12 industry leaders in the talent space. They unpacked topics like internal mobility, skills-based hiring, diversity and inclusion, flexi-work, and more. 

This much-lauded LinkedIn 90-minute global virtual event aimed to help talent leaders who want to shape the new world of work. Kate Reilly shares the high notes in an article published on the Talent Blog; see the summary below.

Three Things Innovative Businesses Realize About The Future Of Work In 2021 & Beyond

1. Recruit For Skills First and Foremost

The panelists talked about hiring according to skills needs over people needs. This makes it a lot easier to ensure that the talent search is more inclusive.

To start with, dissect a job before you advertise it. Know what type of knowledge, skills, and abilities the person needs to thrive in this position. Then bear this in mind when you interview.

Degrees and years of experience are all good and well, but when you start looking at capabilities instead of linear experience, a whole new world opens up. After all, the ideal candidate may not have held the title you are hiring for at their previous job, but if you can look beyond that to see what they are capable of, you may very well strike gold.

2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Are No Longer ‘Nice To Have’

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are on everyone’s mind these days, and with good reason – the more diverse and inclusive your workforce, the better the solutions you can come up with in the marketplace. More opinions + broader viewpoints = invaluable insights into diverse markets.

However, without diversity targets, many companies are treading water. To really make headway, it’s imperative to be accountable and transparent about your company’s DEI program and to provide progress checks along the way. Know where you are, where you need to be, and get a plan in place to get there.

3. Experimentation and Empathy Are Imperative In The Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant worldwide lockdown measures that were put in place to curb the spread thereof have changed the way employers and employees alike view workspaces, and workdays for that matter.

We were all forced to try new things, and mostly it worked out for the better. The trick will be to embrace this nimbleness in the long run and bolster it with generous measures of empathy for all employees.


The future of work is looking all sorts of exciting. Recruiting for skills first and foremost will be key. Diversity, equity, and inclusion will no longer be nice-to-haves but be pivotal in hiring decisions. And experimentation and empathy will need to become part of every CEO and key internal manager’s approach and skill set.

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