In a recent article published on Human Resources Today, Stacy Parker, the MD of leading employer branding agency Blu Ivy Group, shared some really valuable insights on the importance of the employer brand in 2021 and beyond.  

Stacy has spearheaded widespread organizational change and award-winning employer brand strategies for many global brands. She leads a multidisciplinary team that facilitates research, strategy, and creative applications for world-class companies to increase employee value propositions and employee experiences that attract and retain top talent.  

In the wake of COVID-19, employer branding is all the more critical. Organizations need a stellar reputation for putting employees first if they wish to land the coveted heavy hitters. Here are five key takeaways in this regard from the article on Human Resources Today.

Five Strategies Innovative Businesses Put To Good Use When It Comes To Their Employer Brand

1. Consider Your Candidate and Employee Journey Carefully 

From candidate to employee to eventual alumni, every person who joins your company has an experience with your business. This extends from the moment they submit a job application. It continues through the onboarding phase and follows through their life cycle within your enterprise. It even goes beyond that to the moment they go on to work elsewhere.

These people share their experiences with others. As such, it’s essential to ensure the message that reaches potential clients and candidates out there is one that reflects well on your company.

2. Leverage Performance Analytics To Your Advantage

Use data to drive innovation within your enterprise by leveraging performance analytics and other internal yardsticks that can show you what makes your people tick and how to give them more of it.

3. Review Your Efforts Regularly To Build On Successes

Don’t get so caught up in your employer branding overhaul that you aren’t able to take the time to review your results, build on success, and correct the course if your trajectory goes askew.

4. Make Sure That Your Brand and Culture Are in Alignment

The best way to attract employees who will fit into your culture and stick around to contribute to your business’s wellbeing is to ensure that your brand and culture are in alignment. This way, there aren’t any unmet expectations that lead to unwanted employee churn down the line.

5. Nurture A Contingent Workforce

Having access to an open talent economy is vital if you want your organization to be agile enough to scale up and down with ease as market forces shift and change. Nurturing a roster of talented freelancers, contingent workers, consultants, and alumni stands any business in good stead and also contributes to a robust employer brand in the process.


Your company’s employer brand has never been more important. Address the way your company is perceived by considering your candidate and employee journey carefully. Leverage performance analytics to your advantage and review your efforts regularly to build on successes. Make sure that your brand and culture are in alignment, and nurture your contingent workforce with care.