Scott Weiss, CEO & Global Managing Partner at Speakeasy Inc, says it’s always tough when a valued employee leaves. But, while some organizations’ instinct would be to cut their losses and move on from departing employees, Scott says that’s the wrong attitude. 

Through support and respectful communication between the two parties, you create future value for your business. In a post for LinkedIn, he explains how a different exchange, one where the employer and departing employee treat each other in a professional and appreciative manner, leads to a number of positive outcomes.

Why Turn Departing Employees Into Loyal Alumni

1. Maintain Order In The Workplace

When departing employees are treated with dignity and respect, they are more inclined to react positively.  This, in turn, means there will be minimal disruption in business operations, and productivity will not take a knock. It also avoids unnecessary gossip and negative energy in the office.

2. Depart On Good Terms

Through inclusion in an alumni program, you create an engaging space for an ongoing, mutually respectful relationship to flourish. This could be both professional and personal. 

Open and honest lines of communication reduce the risk of the departing employees speaking poorly of the company or its staff. They’ll also be unlikely to say negative things about your company to your customers. Instead, they’ll go out of their way to praise and protect it.

3. Invite Boomerangs Back In

A Workplace Trends study found 76% of HR professionals are currently more inclined to hire boomerang employees than they were in the past. The benefits are clear: on-boarding is much easier as the person is already familiar with the business intricacies, and it sends a positive message to existing staff. This trend ensures departing employees will feel welcomed should they decide to return in the future.

4. Create Brand Ambassadors

Treating departing employees with dignity and respect as they exit goes a long way in protecting your business, brand, and reputation.

On the one hand, former employees will become brand ambassadors, recommending your organization to customers and potential employees alike.

On the other, it protects against the potentially devastating fallout from negative reviews on social media and ratings on workplace websites such as GlassDoor. Instead, you want positive experiences and glowing reviews that rate the business well and recommend it as a great place to work.

5. Future Business Opportunities

There is another great benefit of an Alumni program: it will lead to future business. Ongoing communication in a post-employment relationship can lead to the former employee referring your company to others or becoming a loyal customer themselves.


Sure, you’re sad to see a top performer leave your business. However, there is no need to take it personally.

The reality is employees will leave and go on to gain experience elsewhere. The best you can do is turn the exit into a positive experience for your organization and the person leaving. Doing so will allow you to reconnect professionally in the future.

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