Corporate Alumni Conference

March 2020 / San Francisco

Due to Covid-19 the Corporate Alumni Conference was cancelled and was moved to a virtual event.

The 2020 Alumni Conference is presented by AlumniAces & EnterpriseAlumni.

The theme of this year’s conference is “From Passive To Active.” It will focus on helping organizations better transform their members beyond just consumers of your content and into active community participants.

Conference Details

The Corporate Alumni Conference is a once-a-year, content-rich, in-person opportunity to help put your organization at the forefront of all things Alumni Engagement.

This conference will help you keep up with industry trends and build your competitive advantage with a host of speakers and sessions designed to disrupt the status quo and introduce new approaches, innovative ideas, and industry trends. The conference aims to deliver fresh views and inspiring stories to shift your perspectives and deepen your understanding of engaging your Alumni to deliver organizational value.

The conference is applicable to customers in all Alumni maturity stages as it focuses not on the “what” or the “outcomes” but on the “why”. People participate in many different communities concurrently which means your community is fighting for the attention of members in an endless sea of options and distractions.

The days of  “announcing” a new Alumni Network, inviting some people to it, and expecting engagement to appear as if by magic are long gone, replaced by meaningful experiences that enrich the lives of your post-employment community.

The conference focuses on what it takes to build a meaningful experience with your Alumni and deliver an engaged network.

Who should attend the Alumni Conference?

(1) All Alumni Leaders with active Alumni programs in any stage of maturity or implementation.

(2) All companies with legacy platforms looking to join the EnterpriseAlumni customer community.

(3) Alumni Thought leaders on Community, Future Of Work, Engagement, Employee Experience.

(4) Niche Experts: Annually we choose a forward-looking focus area and bring in a series of experts

(5) Alumni. Alumni. Alumni. We include a focus group of diverse Alumni to be in the room for all conversations so they can be the voice of the broader Alumni Community.