EnterpriseAlumni today release the findings of their 2018 Corporate Alumni Survey identifying the opportunities and value drivers that engage and create a successful Corporate Alumni Community. Their “Unarticulated Values of a Corporate Alumni Program” survey uncovers that whilst recruiting and talent acquisition are generally the primary business cases cited to create and engage an Alumni program, its true value is far wider reaching.

EnterpriseAlumni - Corporate Alumni Platform
EnterpriseAlumni – Corporate Alumni Platform

The extended learning, mentoring and Social Responsibility programs, for example, are critical to programme success and profoundly beneficial to Alumni. This, alongside engaging alumni for contingent work and co-innovation, help drive a rewarding and successful Alumni community, uniting five generations, from graduate intern to retiree.

Market leaders like McKinsey have long led the way, embedding their Alumni programme at the heart of their business, which has translated into competitive advantage. Amazon has leveraged their Alumni community to amplify their Amazon Warriors affinity group to support those who have served in the military forces and help meet their commitment to hire 25,000 more veterans by 2021. They are examples of ‘Alumni first’; delivering relevant content and offering real professional and personal value.

The survey coincides with the release of Josh Bersin’s “HR Technology in 2018: Ten Disruptions Ahead” which recognized that without an Alumni program, companies cannot have a complete employee engagement strategy. The survey highlights that Alumni are interested in having a relationship with their former organizations around more than “coming back to work.”

Key findings are that Alumni are keen to engage with their prior organization most notably around:

  1. Project Based Work: returning to a former employer to work on a specific project.
  2. Employee Resource Groups: alumni want to continue supporting corporate efforts towards sustainability and value driven practices that align with personal affiliations. 
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility: alumni can amplify and support CSR efforts to ensure environmental, social and economic benefits for all.
  4. Joint Innovation & Partnerships: alumni become innovators in their field and want to share this knowledge with former colleagues and peers.

In his book The Alliance, Reid Hoffman affirms these findings by sharing why creating a corporate alumni network strengthens talent brands. “Establishing a corporate alumni network, which requires relatively little investment, is the next logi­cal step in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust, mutual investment, and mutual benefit in an era where lifetime employment is no longer the norm.”

As the market leading Alumni platform, servicing global market leaders that include the world’s largest banks, consumer products, retail and consulting organizations, our customers have created vibrant and engaging communities. Their focus is on delivering value, extending knowledge and building a relationship that shows new recruits that their employer has built a support network that is available to them throughout their career – not just their period of employment.

Comments on the News
James Sinclair, principal of EnterpriseAlumni, added: “As the battle for talent escalates and the way companies engage their employees continues to evolve, highlighting the importance of alumni and the value of empathy driven relationships is critical. Let talent know that your organization is not only a great place to work but also a great place to secure a lifetime of support for your professional and personal goals. Work is about more than just work.” 

Learn more about our annual survey and how delivering a successful Corporate Alumni platform can immediately deliver business benefit here.

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