Current Conenza clients can look forward to enhancing their programs by migrating to the new Alumni Platform in the second half of 2020.

Conenza Announcement

Conenza has announced to all existing customers on their legacy Alumni Platform that in Q3 2020, the Conenza Platform will enter end of life and all customers on the Conenza Alumni Platform will be required to migrate to the IntraWorlds Alumni platform.

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Given Conenza customers are going to be forced to undertake a user migration, training on the IntraWorlds Alumni platform and re-design their strategy to work within the limitations of the new platform, Conenza customers have created a steering committee to discuss 2 alternative strategies:

If a migration is being forced, customers are keen to ensure this migration only happens once and are evaluating if now is a good time to:

  • Identify and evaluate newer Alumni solutions on the market being leveraged by other successful programs.
  • Request no forced Alumni migration and maintain their Conenza Alumni Platform until end of contract.

As this migration will also change the data controller and the data processor it will require user notification and opt-in to the terms of service, policies and processing agreements of IntraWorlds. In addition it will require resubmission and review of the IT Security, Processing and Certification requirements of the new vendor platform.

Conenza customers are raising concern that their large community of Alumni might not all opt-in to the new platform and there might be a substantial loss of membership and user data.

You can follow the conversation by requesting access to the private LinkedIn Group here

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