Closing The Skills Gap With An Alumni Strategy

The tech industry has one of the most competitive job markets by far and having a skills gap can be devastating to any business that relies on retaining a competitive advantage. According to an article on CIO, a platform frequented by industry CEOs, having an alumni strategy can go a long way to closing the skills gap if you need to attract top talent in this space. 

Boomerang hires are huge in the tech industry at the moment. Employers who have to fill important IT roles often opt for boomerangs (ex-employees who return to their company) because they are easy to onboard, understand the company’s tech landscape, and slot into the culture seamlessly. As such, these employees become productive members of the team far quicker and much more easily. 

However, there are other reasons to keep in touch with company alumni as well. Having an alumni strategy in place can help to close the skills gap by generating high-quality referrals. Prior employees understand the way things are done at the companies they worked for, and have a unique insight into the type of person who would flourish under these working conditions. 

So, how do you keep in touch with your alumni to stay ahead of the skills gap? Here are a few ways to encourage involvement in an alumni program even after ex-employees have moved on:

3 Ways To Keep In Touch With Alumni In Order To Address a Skills Gap

1. Create A Convenient Online Platform To Boost Engagement

Platform To Engage Alumni

By appointing a team to lead the charge in maintaining alumni relations and providing ex-employees with a central space to communicate and engage, it’s far simpler to leverage the relationships constructively.

When someone walks away from your company, whether it be to pursue a new challenge, or gain new skills, the pay-off needs to be substantial if you want them to stay in touch. As such, the platform you choose for alumni engagement has to be simple to use and friction-free from a technological point of view.

2. Share Content In A Relatable Way

Sending out regular newsletters is a great way to keep your alumni informed of things that are happening at your company. Just remember to make sure that the content you send to your alumni is relevant to their personal interests.   

While they may be interested in the achievements of other alumni etc., they are fairly likely to unsubscribe if you send them the same cookie-cutter content that’s distributed in-house. 

3. Host Regular Events With A Clear Hook

In-person events are another great option when it comes to alumni engagement. You can choose to host informal events like a picnic or holiday celebration, or opt for business-first occasions like talks with industry leaders and/or workshops that they can attend free of charge.


Referrals and outreach in your alumni network can help you to source the candidates you need in a tough job market. By leveraging the reach of your ex-employees, it becomes far easier to attract top talent and hire for culture fit right from the start.