In an article published on the LinkedIn blog, Dr. John Sullivan discusses the benefits of boomerang recruiting.

Dr. Sullivan is known as an industry expert in talent management, and his insights in this regard are absolutely invaluable. The LinkedIn community showed a great response to the article, and we were likewise impressed.

As far as current workplace trends go, the notion of bringing ex-employees back into the fold later along the line is at the top of the list at the moment. This can seem quite strange when you come from a background where a linear career trajectory is the norm. However, it makes sense for modern-day employers and employees alike.

Why Boomerang Recruiting Makes A Whole Lot Of Sense In 2021 & Beyond

The career paths that most innovative people have today looks vastly different from those of the previous generation. Employees shuffle from one company to the next in search of upskilling opportunities, to work alongside coveted mentors, and grow their expertise. On the flip side, some may take time off to raise a family or support their life partner or spouse when they move for a job.

Whatever the case may be, hiring back a former employee can hold many benefits if you parted ways on good terms. Former employees know and understand the culture of your organization. As such, they are known quantities. Depending on how long they have been gone, the onboarding process will be a lot less time-consuming. They will also become optimally productive a lot quicker.

Additionally, when an employee has seen the other side of the proverbial fence and chooses to return, the odds of them leaving again are very slim. This means that your employee retention rate will benefit in the long run.

How To Lay The Groundwork For Boomerang Hires

The best way to lay the groundwork for fruitful boomerang recruiting is to maintain contact with departing employees through a corporate alumni program. By keeping in touch in this way, you’ll know how and when to approach a member of your alumni team with the offer of work or re-employment.

Well-known companies like Deloitte, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan, EY all have alumni programs. Once an employee of one of these businesses chooses to move on, they become a part of this community. Each company provides its alumni with a clear value proposition that makes it worth their while to stay in touch.

Some offer opportunities to network or engage in CSR initiatives. Others provide referral incentives or collaboration platforms. The end goal is to stay in touch and have an active link with departing talent.


Boomerang recruiting holds countless benefits for any given company. Returning employees are easier to onboard and have an innate understanding of the inner workings and culture of the organization. They are also unlikely to leave again. The best way to open the door for boomerang hires is to engage your departing employees in a corporate alumni program. Read the full article here.

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