The wonderful thing about living in the era of streaming media is that we can educate ourselves using engaging and inspiring channels like podcasts. For instance, the best community management podcasts out there feature content by some of the most innovative minds in the fields of HR, digital marketing, and PR. By simply listening to their talks, there is an endless amount you can learn about managing your alumni community effectively. 

Here are five of our favorite community management podcasts to get you inspired in 2021 and beyond:

5 Podcasts For Community Managers That Are Complete Game Changers

1.   Conversations With Community Managers


Conversations with Community Managers is perhaps one of the most aptly named podcasts out there. The Community Roundtable is an organization that is all about community management and what it means as a profession in a time when connection is everything. 

Each episode of their podcast features a talk with a well-known industry professional who shares their insights into network management and more. Plus, it’s only 20 minutes long, which is perfect for a quick listen over lunchtime or a shift in pace during your day.  

2.   Conversations With Bacon


Conversations with Bacon features community expert Jono Bacon, who has been a guest speaker on EnterpriseAlumni to cover how to leverage your alumni community to drive value and opportunity and so much more. 

His podcast features talks with the likes of Jillian Hufnagel, Michael Zipursky, Lane Shackleton, Allan Dib, Mark Shuttleworth, Ian Tien, John Vrionis, Catherine Gray, and David Hornik. How is that for a stellar lineup of innovative humans? Pick and choose the episodes that appeal to you, or simply listen from start to finish – there is so much to learn and unpack.

3.   Get Together


Get Together really goes down into the nitty-gritty of what it means to establish and maintain a healthy community.

Led by Bailey Richardson and Kevin Huynh, who are sometimes joined by Kai Elmer Sotto, the show looks at how some of the most thriving communities started. They speak to well-known community managers as well to learn how they do what they do.

4.   Community Pulse


Community Pulse is a great option if you’re looking for some guidance and inspiration on the more technical side of taking care of a network. This podcast shares excellent insights from the dev community and is hosted by very entertaining hosts.

5.   Community Signal


Community Signal is hosted by Patrick O’Keefe, an experienced strategist and designer of online community products and programs who has been managing online communities for 20+ years. He delves into the origins of fascinating communities and also shares up-to-the-minute info on emerging community management trends.


Take a listen to the best podcasts for community managers and be inspired by critical insights on things like the latest networking trends, the future of work, and driving value. These seasoned industry voices have a lot of wisdom to share. 

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