In many organizations, an employee resigning isn’t always an amicable event that’s met with support. Depending on the terms of departure, it can signal the end of the road for the relationship with the business viewing the exit as abandonment. 

However, many forward-thinking leaders now view this as an opportunity; we’re in a space where maintaining strong alumni relations is actually a great business decision

Forbes Human Resources Council On The Benefits Of Strong Alumni Relations

According to experts on Forbes’ HR council, simply letting former employees disappear into the abyss is a disadvantage in the long run.  There needs to be a strong focus on how to continue engaging your alumni and keep on good terms. The benefits of this relationship are manifold for the organization:

Alumni Are Brand Ambassadors And Advocates For Life

When employees leave on good terms and are given the continued support of their former employer, they become advocates and brand ambassadors for it. 

Forbes’ expert HR Council agrees that, by maintaining alumni relations with former employees, you’re opening the doors to new business opportunities. Their strategic recommendations can be the tipping point that makes other organizations and people decide to engage with your brand over another. 

Alumni can go on to refer clients, business partners, new recruits, and even products that benefit the bottom line.

They Are A Source Of Hiring Referrals

Forbes HR Council On Benefits Of Maintaining Good Relations With Former Employees

As your alumni progress in their career, their network expands and professional universe becomes smaller. When there’s a talent gap that needs filling in your business, the answer may lie in their extended network, with them putting you in touch with your next all-star employee. 

If you’ve made a point of engaging and maintaining good relations with your former employees, you’re on the path to earning referrals and references that have solid substance. The strength of your brand and the loyalty associated with it will be reflected in the way that alumni speak about their relationship with the organization and whether they recommend engaging with it. 

Access Your Top Talent Through Boomerang Hires

There are times when people need a change of scenery. It could be to explore new career opportunities, a different career vertical altogether, or take some time out for personal reasons. 

Whatever the case, letting your employees go and allowing them to explore the horizons without resistance can be met with their return, ultimately. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and when the time is right, as long as great alumni relations have been maintained, these boomerangs may wish to come back and contribute to your organization once again.

Increase Brand Loyalty Among Your Current Team

When current employees see you investing in long-term relationships; relationships that extend beyond the realm of employment, it’s a great sign that you’re invested in their success. In this sense, it shines a positive light on the organization brand and can help them feel valued in the long run.

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