How to understand the various reports required to better to drive value to your organization and your Alumni community. Learn how to create an automated scorecard report that can be used to send monthly progress against your objectives and where your program stands against industry benchmarks.

In this sessions learn how to pull key DAU/MAU metrics including re-engagement rate, funnel reports, bounce rates, and conversions automatically into a well-designed scorecard report that can be sent automatically via PDF to your stakeholders on a monthly basis.

Even for customers who use an Alumni Tool that doesn’t include deep automated reporting and insights, this video will show how you can still gain access to this data to create amazing reports.

Alumni Reporting

The course will focus on the four types of reporting that Alumni Managers need in order to provide a better user experience, gain a deeper understanding of what users are doing and provide insights into the functionality or programming that can drive user engagement:

  1. User Activity: What are they doing, when, how, why and are they following your expected persona funnel. This report is as much about what the masses are doing as it is to identify the outlier use cases of how people are using the platform that you may not have considered or seen. (This report is both real-time and over-time to include comparative reporting to your prior periods and to your goals)
  2. Interactive Reporting (Advanced Search): How you can take all the data across your entire platform to generate different views and understanding of your data that you can use to make adjustments.
  3. Situational Reporting (Including Off-Site): Often visually displayed in the forms of Sankey diagrams or funnels, but this data set allows you to understand your population better including the activities they are undertaking on social networks or other content platforms.
  4. Send Upstairs Report: How to create a report that can be disturbuted across internal stakeholders on an automated basis to showcase the development of the platform, the alignment to business objectives and represent the value the program is creating.

But we don’t have deep reporting functionality in our platform.
If your platform is homegrown, is a custom website or a legacy platform, we will highlight off the shelf tools you can use to access and interrogate the data to create these reports without needing “engineers” or reliance on your vendor.

Course Preview

Course Materials:

Sample Activity Over Time / Benchmarks Report (Engagement)
Sample Goal Conversion Scorecard (Over Time)
Sample RAG Scorecard inc manual comments (Per Period)
(XLS) List of free/low cost DIY tools for Alumni Managers

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