When engaging your Alumni and sending them e-mails do you do what most people do?

Not on Monday morning as people are just coming to work, and not Friday because people have checked out for the weekend, so anywhere in between is good!

Sending your email to the right person at the right time can increase your open and click rates by 3x – that’s such a drastic increase, it is worth implementing some changes to see the difference it makes to your campaigns.

E-Mail Open Rates Are On The Rise:

Are you managing and reporting on your campaign success by just using three aggregate stats: Opens / Clicks / Unsubscribes?

Aggregate stats don’t help you understand what it is working and the key to successful email optimization for your alumni community is in the details. Driving down engagement data by time zone, by email type, by email journey (user opens the email doesn’t click, then 4 days later reopens the email and clicks).

If an email asking someone to complete their registration or an invite to the network can have even a 10% increase in click-through that can have a dramatic impact on your network size and the overall community.

Simple techniques to enable you to send better emails and gain better open and engagement rates:

  1. Be Consistent: Before you can do anything you need to be consistent with your sending, so you can create a control group. If I send this email at this time, these are the results I can expect. With a control group you can now always revert back should a change not work but also you have a benchmark on which to judge all your future iterations.
  2. Use UTM Tracking: Ensure every link in your emails has UTM tracking codes so you can identify the what/when for every campaign you send out and truly see the impact and the data around your open and click rates on a per link, per email, per user metric vs in aggregate.
  3. Make A Change: Make small tweaks to a specific email and watch it over time (or as most impatient people, make a monster change and see if it has a monster impact!) but make sure your change is in the same function. So don’t change when you send the e-mail and what you send in the e-mail otherwise you have no idea what worked!
  4. Analytics: Make sure you are looking into your Google or other Analytics to see the trends over time per campaign and highlight the difference to other campaigns of the same nature.
  5. Categorize: Don’t apply all the changes to all the emails, each e-mail should have a category (transactional, newsletter, event, opportunity, digest) and each one of these categories must be treated individually from an optimization perspective.
  6. Follow The Sun: Don’t mass send the email to everyone at the exact same time based on your time zone. Ensure you are sending based on the users local time. (If you want to send an email at 11am, make sure you can send your campaign to arrive 11am at the users local time. No one wants an email at 2am their time.)

Helpful Links:

UTM Code Generator: https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/

Understanding UTM Codes & Analytics: https://effinamazing.com/blog/dummies-guide-utm-tracking/