In an article published on LinkedIn, Nielsen’s VP of Communications Daniel Klamm unpacked the importance of company alumni and their ability to impact an organization. Nielsen employs approximately 44,000 people worldwide in over 100 countries. Suffice it to say, their alumni network is vast.

Klamm believes that while there are countless upsides to maintaining strong bonds with ex-employees, it all boils down to three clear benefits.

3 Important Reasons to Engage Your Company Alumni

1. Enduring Brand Ambassadorship

Whether your ex-employees realize it or not, they are ambassadors for your brand wherever they go. From Glassdoor reviews to casual conversations in passing with people in the industry, they help to shape the public perception of the organization.

Having been on the inside of your operation and gained a unique perspective into it, their opinions carry considerable weight. Depending on how they left, and how they feel their employment and exit was treated, the sentiments they share will either frame a positive or negative view of the organization.

It is difficult to control every touchpoint along an employee’s journey in your company over the course of 3 years, 5 years, or a decade. However, you can make a point of ensuring that they enjoy the respect and support of a well-established alumni community once they leave.

This is why an alumni engagement strategy is of vital importance for any company that wishes to keep those all-important bridges intact. 

2. Incidental Business Development

Ongoing business development is a prerequisite if you want your enterprise to thrive in this day and age. Company alumni can also be very valuable in this regard. Unless they are embarking on a brand-new career path, odds are they will move on to businesses that play in the same ballpark as yours.

Incidental Business Development

As such, a happy ex-employee could very well connect you with potential new clients down the line. In fact, they may even open up avenues of business collaboration that you have never considered before since they have the distinction of understanding your business, as well as the new one they’re working for.

3. Recruitment and Referrals

From their employment term with your organization, alumni know what it takes to make the cut and succeed in your workplace. This means that they are aptly positioned to refer candidates who can thrive there too. Compared with bringing in an unknown candidate, referrals are a better quality hire, cost less to acquire, and are quicker to reach productivity in the workplace once started.  

Furthermore, alumni can also be valuable boomerang hires for your organization in the future. With access to a list of the jobs on offer through your program, they may spot a position that they are interested in applying for. Boomerangs have prior knowledge of the organization and bring with them new skills and perspectives which can help to advance business objectives.


Organizations that focus on maintaining healthy relationships with company alumni stand to benefit from brand ambassadorship, business development, and recruiting down the line. Read the full LinkedIn article by Daniel Klamm, Vice President of Communications, Global Head of Social Media at Nielsen here.