The 2020 Global Corporate Alumni Survey will provide insights and benchmarks to organizations across geographies, sectors, and size on how companies are engaging their former employees.

The survey investigates six core themes:

  1. How the Alumni program interfaces into existing technologies used by the organization.
  2. The size, management, and engagement of the Alumni Communities being served.
  3. How the Alumni program is leveraged by other sectors of the organization.
  4. The use of technologies to automate, understand and deliver higher platform value and engagement to the end user.
  5. The level of effort and resources organizations allocate to the program.
  6. How program value is measured, reported and understood across the organization.

The results will be used by companies to understand:

  1. The performance of their program against industry benchmarks.
  2. Areas for improvement or upgrades in the integrations, technologies, or reporting of their existing program.
  3. A series of ratios to align the following metrics:
    • the size of the community to the expected headcount
    • the size of the community to the organizational value
    • the size of the community to the available population
    • Industry conversions for recruiting, referrals, sales or brand advocacy

All organizations are welcome to take part in the survey and respondents will receive a copy of the findings.